Can Too Much Sugar Be Harmful?

Added sugar can be found in almost all of the foods we eat. But it’s the large amounts of sugar that appear in foods like soda, cookies, and candy that make it the #1 cause of obesity in America today. Too much sugar may cause other problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Sugar is also bad for your teeth which when consumed too much can lead to gum disease, infections, and inflammation in the body. All in all, too much sugar consumption is not good for you. But in our fast food take out society, we often aren’t aware of how much sugar is added to the foods we eat and what it is doing to our bodies. Of course, not all sugar is bad for you. Medical professionals advise limiting your sugar consumption to naturally-occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy low-fat diet.  At Youfit, the best gym near me in Hialeah, our personal trainers are certified in exercise physiology and nutrition. Our team believes  It’s important to follow an exercise plan with nutritional guidance especially if your goal at the gym is to lose weight and stay healthy! 

What are some reasons that added sugar should be avoided: 

  1. Weight gain 

This is the most obvious effect as the amount of sugar consumed in America continues at an alarming rate. Diets high in sugar often lead to obesity, inflammation, and high blood pressure to name a few. According to Healthline, just one 16-ounce can of soda contains 52 grams of sugar, which equates to more than 10% of your daily calorie consumption, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. At Youfit, the best gym near me in Hialeah, our nutritionists are always on hand to advise you on how to choose a healthy eating plan. 

  1. Heart disease 

Research shows that regular consumption of foods with too much added sugar can be bad for your heart health. While the jury may be out on this one, there is definitely some evidence that other lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking in combination with too much sugar may lead to a risk of heart disease. 

  1. Acne 

Do you remember how tough it was to get rid of teenage acne? Teenagers and some adults still experience this aggravating affliction with regularity today. With some acne, no amount of topical aids or pills can completely get rid of it.  For years the jury was out on whether certain foods contribute to acne.  However, recent studies show that sugary foods can elevate blood sugar and insulin levels, causing increased glandular oil production. A recent medical research study done on nearly 2,000 teens showed that those who consumed foods that contained added sugar had a 30% greater risk of developing acne. 

  1. Risk of Type 2 Diabetes 

Over the top sugar consumption usually goes hand-in-hand with obesity, and obesity is the #1 risk for type 2 diabetes. Studies show that a diet high in foods that contain added sugars may lead to obesity and insulin resistance, both of which are contributing factors to type 2 diabetes. 

  1. Increased risk of depression 

A diet rich in healthy food groups which include fruits and vegetables has been shown to elevate our overall mood. It’s simple—when we put good food in our bodies we feel happy and healthy. In contrast, there have been some studies done that indicate that large consumptions of sugar can lead to depression. While not enough is known and more research needs to be done on the subject, medical professionals believe that elevated sugar levels in the body may produce inflammation and mood swings. 

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